Bully for Him

I recently read about a man named Ed Samane, who started a martial arts franchise business with a twist – a focus on bullying prevention. It made me wonder how many other types of businesses could tweak their concept for new audiences and take advantage of opportunities just waiting to be “ripped from the headlines.”

Samane drew on his own experiences as a morbidly obese child who had turned to karate to lose weight and end the taunting. He succeeded at both. Significantly, it wasn’t his fighting skills that won the day, but the confidence and self-esteem he’d gained that allowed him to stand up to bullies until they backed down.

Now offering seminars for kids and parents at franchisee stores, Samane is rebranding the concept in order to launch a nationwide schools program. From a business angle, I guess we’ll see. But, on a marketing level, it’s a natural – a darn good story tied to a national issue focused on the very thing most people hold most dear – kids.

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