We are a full-service marketing communications, public  relations and business strategy solutions company based in Sarasota, FL. Whether your needs are brand development strategy, promotion, website creation, video production, social media strategy and management, marketing research, advertising, content development, event management or any other marketing support service, our team of seasoned professionals is waiting to support your business goals.

Our promise: Client collaboration, open communication, stellar creativity and a commitment to your sustainable success.

Major recognized national and international brands such as LexisNexis, Nuance Communications, Indyme Solutions, The Rivolta Group and Elsevier Health Sciences among many others have engaged Next-Mark to create or build upon their brand identity. Whether yours is a start-up business or a multi-national corporation, we are ready to have a conversation with you, one that can dramatically transform your brand. We welcome that conversation and we are eager to begin.

Knowledge + Strategy + Creativity = Intuitive Marketing

To engage today, call us at 941.893.3140.


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