What AMC’s “The Pitch” didn’t pitch..

So I’m three episodes into AMC’s reality TV show “The Pitch.” I am still thoroughly entertained, which is pretty impressive as there are only a few reality TV shows that can keep me entertained past two episodes (Duck Dynasty being one – which is quite possibly the funniest thing on television).

I did a little a digging to see what other marketers had to say about the show and found a few controversial threads in advertising blogs. One in particular caught my attention as it directly relates to a conversation I had with my Art Director while discussing the show. These elaborate pitch’s that the agencies put together on the show cost some serious coin and would result in devastating losses for most advertising agencies. This may be a fundamental flaw in the business not just the show itself.

The show might be giving a slightly skewed view of the industry, but it does make for some entertaining television (it’s still no Duck Dynasty). Check out the attached article for a more detailed analysis of What “The Pitch” Left Out: Why Agencies Get Hurt By An Upside Down Approach To New Business

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