Three Prevailing Marketing Communications Themes in a “New” Economy

In this “new” economy,  these marketing communications themes continue to trend on a routine basis:

  • “Thought Leadership” – Are you in a thought leadership position in your respective industry? If so, how are you positioned?
  • “Collaboration” – Businesses are looking to find new ways to grow in a cost-effective way without adding staff.  How are you collaborating with complementary partners to add value and stimulate growth?
  • “Analytics” – Whether it’s a marketing research project or business analysis, businesses are more focused than ever before on fact-based decision-making with quantifiable metrics.  What marketing metrics are you tracking on a routine basis?


In the past seven years since the founding of Next-Mark, we have seen an unprecedented range of economic cycles and business trends impacting the growth of our clients.  Our goal remains the same: To be a steward on behalf of your business through each challenge focusing on your distinct needs.  We continue to offer individualized marketing, communications and business strategy solutions to meet your unique needs.


Joseph S. Grano, Jr., has a record of success providing vision and strategic direction to organizations experiencing rapid growth and change. He is one of those rare individuals who have made a successful transition from corporate leader to entrepreneur and owner of his own growing company.