4 Ways to Boost Your Facebook “Likes.


“To be buzzed about is every brand’s desire in the digital age,” Said Pr Daily.com. Today, the new measure of marketing success is calculated by the amount of “likes” you have on Facebook or how recognized you are within the social media world. Social media has created a whole new concept of marketing, but it isn’t necessarily easy to accomplish.

Here are three ways to bump up your “likes” on Facebook.

1. Post regularly

When you are handling a social media page you want to post daily, but DON’T over post. This keeps you in the loop of people checking their news feed regularly. Don’t post just anything. Post things that your target market will find attractive or interesting; For example, a link to your blog, event or give-away.

Also, try and keep your postings fresh. People like seeing new information. This will create attention on the subject and potentially cause more people to “like” you.

2. Advertise

Advertising on Facebook is an easy way to boost your “likes” and it’s cheap (sometimes). Create a budget you would like to spend each day and set your advertising limit to that amount. The advertising will generate exposure all across Facebook itself. The more name recognition, the better.

3. Incentives

Everyone loves free stuff. “Like our page and receive a free weekly pass to our gym,” is a perfect example of how to approach this. You can give away anything you like, but the key is to give away things people want.

You also want your incentive to be fit for your budget. Don’t go spending all your money on incentives and not have any left for advertising.

4. Newsletter

When you send out your newsletter every month/week, put a link on it so your receivers can “like” your page directly from there. This makes it very simple for direct marketing and you don’t have to deal with the traffic of Facebook.

TOP 10

According to Pr Daily.com, the list below is the top 10 brands in social media.

1. Subway

2. Cheerios

3. Amazon.com

4. History Channel

5. Ford

6. Discovery Channel

7. Lowe’s

8. Olive Garden

9. YouTube

10. Google


Joseph S. Grano, Jr., has a record of success providing vision and strategic direction to organizations experiencing rapid growth and change. He is one of those rare individuals who have made a successful transition from corporate leader to entrepreneur and owner of his own growing company.