Introducing our latest video production, “Indyme Supermarket Solutions”

Next-Mark client, San Diego-based, Indyme Solutions, wanted us to create a video that demonstrates how their “Smart Response” call buttons are useful within any supermarket. With Indyme Smart Response, supermarket in-store teams instantly know when and where a shopper desires assistance, a cashier needs support, a perimeter door unexpectedly opens, a camera detects a suspicious event, and much more. It delivers real-time awareness resulting in prompt actions that build sales for their clients.

The Next-Mark team was responsible for all aspects of this production including writing, content development, location selection and management, video production and editing in full collaboration with our client, Steve Deal, CEO of Indyme Solutions. Special thanks to our team including Rob Welling, Bonnie Limbach, Shannon Welling, Brad Heiny, Jamie Robinson, Shasten Snellgroves and Chris Depken.

Corporate videos provide a critical marketing channel for our clients including social media postings, website content videos, email marketing campaigns and a multitude of other communications opportunities. When your reading the text on a website, it gives you a general idea of what a product is about. A video provides rich visual content, which creates a whole level of new insight into a product or service.

You can view this video on YouTube or at



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