Web Development

Web Design &

We have built websites for businesses of all sizes including leading global brands, start-ups, local businesses and others. Our capabilities include:

  • Website Design, including content and graphics
  • Responsive Design
  • Architecture and Navigation
  • WordPress/HubSpot/HTML Customization


  • UI/UX Optimization
  • Content Management Systems
  • Mobile Development

Website Audits

Your website is your most powerful marketing tool. A website audit can identify key deficiencies and how to best rectify them to reposition your site for the best visibility. Our approach includes:

  • Site Health Audit/Analysis
  • Competitor Investigation
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • XML Sitemap
  • Metatags & Title tags
  • H1 errors
  • Compliance
  • IP Warming
  • Data Cleansing

Website development refers to the work that goes into building a website

No two projects are the same, but our process for unique NON-TEMPLATED websites has served us and our clients well across hundreds of website builds.

Your website represents your brand. And a site that’s slow, unreliable, or hard to use is a website that customers and prospects will avoid. Internal teams also suffer when small website changes are agonizingly slow, and big changes are out of the question.

Yet starting a web development project feels daunting, so businesses often feel stuck with the status quo, risking missed opportunities and competitive disadvantage.

With over 30 years of experience developing upon the top CMS platforms and a well-honed project management process, Next-Mark builds high-performing sites across a wide range of industries. We’ve overcome all kinds of challenges for our clients, helping achieve some exceptional results in the process.

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We offer digital marketing solutions that integrate content and digital marketing strategy, providing a clear path to maximizing both. Whether you’re looking to build a dynamic new website, drive key content to improve your search results or develop targeted lead generation campaigns for your brand, we work with you to select the very best digital marketing tools that will connect your brand with the right online audience.