Designer’s Resource of Florida


Ushering in a New Era

When Designer’s Resource of Florida came to Next-Mark, they were operating under The Upholstery Shoppe of Sarasota, the original name and brand of the business, yet they were doing much more than upholstery. Their old name and brand, though updated by Next-Mark to a more high-end look and feel in the first few months of the engagement, still lacked what their business was growing to encompass, all the resources and services the Interior Design Trade required. So, the process of crafting a new brand began. Next-Mark’s team started with identifying naming conventions that had available associated URLs, a company’s digital imprint an important factor to take into consideration in today’s world. From there, a logo was created that would support a sustainable strategic direction for the business as well as align with the new brand and accurately represent it.

After an agreed upon name and logo, a successful rollout of the new brand was crucial, especially after being known for so long as The Upholstery Shoppe. In addition to an updated website, Next-Mark introduced the brand through a series of newsletters, social posts, and other assets, including print ads, exterior signs and vinyl stickers, business cards. With the new brand and successful rollout, Designer’s Resource of Florida transitioned to a look and feel that is emblematic of the clientele and industry they serve, and the numerous services they provide