Celebrating 25 Years of Thoughtful Design

As a well-established and respected landscape architect firm in the Sarasota, FL area coming up on 25 years in business and forging a name for itself in Naples, DWY Landscape Architects enlisted the help of Next-Mark to bring them into the next phase of growth while celebrating their decades of past success. To usher in this new era and gain greater visibility in the future, the Next-Mark and DWYLA teams collaborated to develop, design, and launch a new website and 25th anniversary logo. In creating DWY’s new site, Next-Mark aimed to provide ease of use and navigation for users to showcase their work, what the original site was failing to do. In addition, it’s aesthetic needed to be representative of their work; visually clean, elegant and uncomplicated. As far as the anniversary logo, it needed to be on brand while celebrating and recognizing the firm’s longevity.

In the meantime, though, a consistent digital present was lacking to garner wider visibility and brand awareness, so Next-Mark crafted and managed content for DWY’s social media as well as valuable digital assets that would be ideal for PR opportunities, including case studies and video. All this in preparation for the new website, it to serve as an all-encompassing representation of the firm in which media outlets and potential clients could be directed. After extensive development and iterations of the staging site, the website was ready to launch, opening DWY Landscape Architects up to a plethora of opportunities for connection with industry professionals and leads.