Sugar Champagne Bar

Sugar Logo_color GOLD BAR


Sugar Champagne Bar is an upcoming champagne bar set to open in Sarasota in the fall of 2024. This elegant establishment is the brainchild of the successful entrepreneur who previously founded Raw Sugar, a renowned brand known for its organic and ethically sourced products. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, the founder aims to infuse the same ethos into the Sugar Champagne Bar, ensuring it stands as a testament to indulgence paired with responsibility. The primary objective for the initial PR launch was to generate buzz and anticipation around the opening of Sugar Champagne Bar, positioning it as a must-visit destination. The campaign aimed to attract potential patrons by highlighting the bar’s luxurious ambiance, exclusive champagne selections, and commitment to sustainability. To date, Next-Mark has crafted an engaging media kit to go along with the press release announcing the upcoming opening of Sugar Champagne Bar, emphasizing its unique features. Along with creating social media channels to build brand awareness and community engagement.

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