The Henson Fund


Bringing Awareness to a Crucial School Reading Program

For twelve years, The Henson Fund had been a hugely impactful benefactor in creating successful educational programs that increased student literacy rates at Title I schools in the Sarasota area, yet their initiatives and programs had gone largely unnoticed by local government and the outside community when they began their engagement with Next-Mark.

Our team began with an extensive messaging session to determine the best way to move forward with PR initiatives that would create awareness and education surrounding the community’s dire need for reading and enrichment programs in schools, as well as The Henson Fund’s mission and work. From there, Next-Mark developed a brand identity, creating a new logo for the Fund and its reading program, to better represent who they are, what they do, and how they connect to students and education. With the new look, materials, such as an informational brochure for their "Academic Pre-K" program, a concise yet thorough one-pager, media kit, and an in-depth explainer video for their "Secret Society of Readers" program, were crafted to aid in outreach and foster community engagement and support. These assets aided in shedding light on The Henson Fund’s initiatives, programs, and positive effects, emphasizing their history of success, constructive impact, and the necessity of their initiatives.