Sarasota Cuban Ballet School


Carlos Acosta - On Before

Carlos Acosta, an internationally recognized Cuban ballet dancer, and choreographer, was performing for the first time in the US since 2018 for his upcoming show in 2024, On Before. Next-Mark was tasked with enhancing his media presence and promoting his show. The primary objective was to heighten Carlos Acosta's visibility in the media landscape, secure extensive local, regional, and national media coverage, and ultimately drive ticket sales. Next-Mark crafted a multi-faceted PR and social media strategy focused on highlighting Carlos Acosta's unique contributions to the world of dance, his cultural influence, and the distinctive aspects of his show. A comprehensive press kit including Carlos’s biography, show details, high-resolution images, and press release materials, was distributed to all levels of media. Next-Mark organized a virtual press conference, offering a Q&A session with Carlos to generate buzz and provide fresh content for media outlets. These efforts led to an extensive growth in ticket sales.

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