The Sarasota Players

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The collaborative effort between the Sarasota Players and Next-Mark resulted in a successful rebranding campaign that not only modernized the organization's image but also strengthened its connection with the community. Through a strategic blend of visual elements, multimedia content, and traditional promotional materials, the Sarasota Players were able to embark on their 94th season with renewed enthusiasm and support from their audience, which attracted an increased attendance. Next-Mark took charge of designing all playbills for the 94th season, ensuring a cohesive visual identity that resonated with the rebrand. The playbills featured engaging content, cast details, and sponsor recognition, contributing to a memorable audience experience. To communicate the importance of community theatre, Next-Mark conceptualized and produced an extensive video series titled “We Are The Sarasota Players.” The series highlighted The Sarasota Players impact on the community, showcasing behind-the-scenes moments, testimonials, and the vibrant theatre culture.

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