Sarasota Downtown Improvement District


Launching the Heart of Downtown

When the Downtown Improvement District (DID) was formed in the City of Sarasota in 2008, it sought to revitalize what was a beat up, outdated, uninviting commercial district. After funding countless beautification and infrastructure projects in the downtown core, the DID was ready to launch a brand campaign that would further its goal of elevating the heart of downtown Sarasota as a vibrant, dynamic, go-to destination for shopping, dining, and recreation. The “Heart of Downtown” campaign included an all-new logo and brand guide, new website, the creation of social media profiles and campaign, and robust advertising in print and digital mediums. One half of the campaign’s goal was an information campaign to raise awareness about what the DID is and what it does, while also engaging with merchants to foster consensus and support for the DID’s initiatives. The other half of the campaign sought to position the heart of downtown Sarasota as the definitive destination in the greater Sarasota area for visitors and residents. The campaign featured strategic ad placements, aspirational lifestyle social media posts, an elegant and easily navigable website, and two memorable, complementary taglines, “From Best Kept Secret to Best-of Lists” and “The DID did it!”