Get Coastal Exteriors


Revolutionizing Roofing with the Help of Branding

Under a new owner, Get Coastal Exteriors sought to refresh and re-center their brand to align with a new ideal and set of values; values that prioritized and emphasized the customer experience. Aside from following the new way internally, Get Coastal Exteriors needed to convey the change externally to future clientele as well. This is where effective marketing and Next-Mark come into play. Our team set about redefining the brand primarily through messaging in addition to a more modern aesthetic, which in turn, changed the content Get Coastal Exteriors put out into the world. There was also a standard put in place that wasn’t there before with a new brand guide for the refreshed look and updated messaging.

After the initial process of putting together a solid, consistent brand moving forward was complete, it was time to take steps to deliver it to the public. The means by which it was to be done needed to be strategic. Next-Mark used a range of tactics through a variety of channels with content specified for that channel, including creative direct mailers, print and digital ads, social media, email campaigns, and sales materials. With a combination of these, Next-Mark was able to rewrite Get Coastal Exterior's brand story and the perception surrounding it.