AMC’s New Show “The Pitch”

Blatantly piggy-backing on the growing popularity of Mad Men, AMC recently aired a reality of show based on the behind-the-scenes world of advertising agencies called “The Pitch.” Being in the industry, I figured that this could be pretty entertaining.

Sidenote: Does anyone else find it ironic that we are drawn to the marketing of advertising in-between which we watch advertisements?

The Pitch offers viewers a never-before-seen view inside America’s top ad agencies. Each week watch two agencies as they compete to win a new client the only way they can: by going head-to-head in a cut-throat, winner-takes-all showdown, a presentation known as The Pitch. With only seven days to prepare, the pressure to perform is intense. The whining, the brainstorming, the blue-sky thinking: it’s all here as the teams work around the clock and pray for the moment of inspiration that will win them the job and keep their companies alive.

I caught the first episode in which two agencies compete to win an account with the creators of the sandwich artist, Subway. I have to admit I found the show pretty entertaining – and well, relatively accurate in some senses. I don’t want to be a spoiler so I highly recommend that you check out this show. I have a feeling “The Pitch” will be a topic of some future blog posts from myself and the Next-Mark team..

The Pitch Trailer


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