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Blogging: Making the Business World Go Around . . . Marketing Rumblings, October 2012
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Going up!
These days, it’s all about your company or brand’s “story,” which (perhaps mercifully) has replaced the 60-second “elevator speech” in
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Microsoft’s New Logo: 100% Tagline Free
Kudos to Microsoft, but not necessarily for the new logo design. Four colored squares. Sans serif font. As the Grinch
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Everything Old is New Again
A Sept. 10 headline on proclaimed, “Investors Not Impressed with JCPenney Haircuts.” At first I was thinking that surely,
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At Next-Mark, our number one goal is to create a compelling strategy for your brand!
Your brand is more than your logo, name or tagline — it’s the holistic experience your prospects, clients and others
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Hammering Home the Importance of Content Management
A local church recently quoted Gandhi in its signage, truncating his original statement to: “Be the change you want to
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It’s about your reputation – Crisis Communications Planning is critical to your business success!
At Next-Mark, public relations crisis management is one our of main areas of focus. It can take a company many
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The whole jargon thing – why or why not?
PR Daily recently published a story on 21 words commonly overused in business and pleaded a case for why we
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Introducing our latest video production, “Indyme Supermarket Solutions”
Next-Mark client, San Diego-based, Indyme Solutions, wanted us to create a video that demonstrates how their “Smart Response” call buttons
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