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When a disaster happens, the first reaction for many is “how can I help?” That certainly has proven true during

We’ve written in the past about strategic messaging, how it lays the groundwork for all business communications and how it

What’s your favorite brand? Maybe the latest technology has always peaked your interest.  Perhaps styles or fresh design keep you

There’s something to be learned from every experience, and the current pandemic has taught us a lot about ourselves and

Among their other devastating ramifications, COVID-19 and its precautions have created an extraordinary level of uncertainty that can be felt

As professional communicators and marketers, we are working hard to understand what the current situation means to our clients, and

Although a lot has changed in our past 15 years in business, some things have remained constant. Among them is

Next-Mark earned two 2020 Silver ADDY Awards at AdFed of the American Advertising Federation. AdFed Suncoast is the Sarasota region’s

Looks aren’t everything: Why your website must look great AND be a conversion machine You can drive thousands, even millions,