Next-Mark, Marking 16 Years

Strategic marketing and communications were never more important than in 2020, as strategy drove tactics as never before. After 16 years in business, we found ourselves evolving quickly to help our clients take on the challenges in the path of moving their brands forward. We are proud of them and the work we did together last year and in years past, as different times dictated different measures.
It is in that spirit that we introduce our newly updated digital LookBook, which outlines the various tools we leverage and combine to create effective marketing that endures and propels, fashioned to fit the needs and goals of each client.
These include:

  • Branding, with examples from refreshing the look of a popular destination to driving a stake in the ground for a new era in a financial firm’s history.
  • Strategic content that starts with strong messaging and is molded to resonate with target markets.
  • Web and digital strategy that creates an image and helps clients stand out visually and come across clearly amid all the noise.
  • Creative design that draws the eye so the message can be heard.
  • Public relations through earned media, careful placement of content and use of a variety of platforms.
  • CRM services and Salesforce, bridging the gap between strategic content and full utilization of the powerful Salesforce application.
  • Trade shows and events, as they migrate to new forms and concepts.
  • Infographics that deliver high impact in few words.
  • Video production, the ongoing wave, make that the tsunami, of the future of message distribution.
  • Social media, which is a must for every enterprise seeking to connect with audiences today.

We invite you to take a look at what we can do – and what we could do for you. As always, we’re here to help, always collaborating, always communicating and always dedicated to our clients’ continued success. To learn more, view our 2021 LookBook or contact us 941.544.2765.