Viral Zombie Nation

Unless you have been too busy bathing of the Southern coast of St. Barts with spider monkeys for the past two weeks, you are probably entrenched in the whole Zombie phenomenon. If not, check out this link to read about the gory incident in Miami and the other bizarre zombie-like behavior rocking the nation.

What interests me is the amount of viral traction that these Zombie-like attacks have gained. In less than a week it completely took over all of the major social media outlets. I could barely pick up my phone without seeing some sort of Zombie-this, Zombie-that message and in no time there’s Zombie YouTube videos being posted by amateur film  makers all over the country, some of which are pretty hilarious. A friend of mine and a screen-printing shop owner, capitalized on this immediately by marketing various Zombie t-shirts and taking full advantage of all the hype.

If there’s one thing we can take from all of this – other than stay away from “bath salts” – is the sheer power of social media. Don’t under estimate it — it can be used to promote any product, service, or organization…. even a Zombie Nation.




Joseph S. Grano, Jr., has a record of success providing vision and strategic direction to organizations experiencing rapid growth and change. He is one of those rare individuals who have made a successful transition from corporate leader to entrepreneur and owner of his own growing company.