Even Government Eyeing Pinterest with Interest

Pinterest, the latest thing in social media, reportedly has grown 226 percent in the past three months.

In case you missed the memo, Pinterest is a “pin-board” type social image-sharing site. Starting out with an emphasis on women posting about recipes, fashion and celebrities, it is now spreading to topics – and users – of all types.

Not only are businesses getting on board but also the U.S. Army, Navy and National Guard, with the General Services Administration currently negotiating terms of service for federal agencies to jump in. And the Obama 2012 campaign made its entry on March 28.

The point is that Pinterest – the site the Washington Post once called “digital crack for women” – is gaining street cred as a dynamic viral medium, as people who share a common interest view, re-pin images or share them via email, Facebook or Twitter. It’s also a juggernaut in directing referral traffic to websites.

Is it a tool that would work for your business and reach your target audiences? We can help you decide. First, though, if you haven’t already, you might want to check out Pinterest and determine for yourself if it’s all it’s “cracked” up to be.

Stay tuned for our very own, Next-Mark, Pinterest..

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