Going Native – 2013’s Biggest Advertising Trend

Heard much about “native advertising” yet? If not, you likely will. Touted as a “game-changing” marketing trend for 2013 by Inc. magazine, native advertising is simply advertising that follows the format, style and voice of whatever platform on which it appears.

It’s also another example of content management as the key to effective outreach.

The fact is that consumers are spending more time than ever online, but most have developed enough savvy to quickly click past/block banners and pop-ups. The juxtaposition of these trends has led some marketers to look for new channels of outreach, seeking to connect with people via corporate web site content and social media.

The goal is for browsers to see the advertising as something integral to, rather than an intrusion on, their overall experience of the site – and to give them reason to want to share what they find. Thus we’re talking about things such as blogs, videos, white papers and webinars vs. dancing animals and floating blocks vying for the reader’s attention.

Sure, it will take some effort to keep content fresh, but there are ways to simplify the process and even “outsource” some of the work to consumers themselves.

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