Going up!

These days, it’s all about your company or brand’s “story,” which (perhaps mercifully) has replaced the 60-second “elevator speech” in communicating what an organization or its brand is all about and, most importantly, creating a relationship.

In that regard, PR News recently offered some suggestions, including:

– To get a feel for your brand, ask yourself which character it would have been on the TV show “Friends.” Then ask yourself why.

– Expand your vision. It’s not just about your products and employees, but how you can help people in the larger scope of your business and/or expertise.

– Look around you, mining the stories from all departments and business units, including customer service – the frontline when it comes to knowing what consumers want to know.

– Get personal, using profiles of the people behind your products and anecdotal lead-in to your stories.

– Take every opportunity you can to establish your brand as the subject-matter expert in your realm.

Admittedly, you might have problems picturing your company in a “Rachel” haircut, but you get the idea. Stories are about people. People relate to people. Get them to relate to you on a personal level.


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