Going Viral… with Super Bowl Commercials

Have you noticed that a lot of companies are choosing to go viral with their 2012 Super Bowl Commercial Campaigns? We’ve seen a lot of organizations using media outlets like YouTube and Vimeo to preview their much anticipated pieces. Allowing viewers to share them on their various social networks and thus gaining substantial traction before the big game.

Do you like this, sort of, premature exposure? Or does it ruin the anticipation, the build-up, the “they spent whaaaaat! for that?” Well, this has been a topic of discussion around the water cooler (or Keurig, to be exact) at the Next-Mark HQ this week: Is the viral exposure gained prior to the Super Bowl worth it?

Absolutely. Companies are trying to minimize the number of people who are not exposed to their commercials. By releasing previews they are getting people talking – garnishing the interest through “likes” and “shares” that they couldn’t capture during a timeout late in the 4th quarter.

Check out these that have some serious views…




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