Of Markets and Marketing


On May 9, pollster and columnist Michael Barone used the example of higher education’s bubble bursting to show the market’s natural tendency to right the ship.

However, he also pointed out that unnatural influences on that tendency can delay natural correction. This is a reminder that, while the road to market share is always paved with good intentions, it’s a good idea to make sure we’re using the right touch before taking the wheel.

There’s a lesson here for marketing, as well, where a lack of finesse can be seen in messaging that is layered on too thickly in an attempt to hit the right note.

That’s why, at Next-Mark, we keep in mind that message overkill isn’t the answer; rather, it’s the right message and timing of it that matters.

Back to Barone’s point: Helping the market toward course correction isn’t a bad thing as long as the hand on the tiller doesn’t overdo it.

Otherwise, you wind up turning in circles – and losing sight of your charted course.


As our Senior Communication Specialist, Dennis provides our clients with excellent writing, editing and proofing, as well as creative concepting.