Simple Lessons for Marketing Success

1. Remember to “Sharp Shoot.” Know the segment you are targeting and build your marketing programs to specifically meet the needs of that segment.

2. Relationships, Relationships, Relationships.

 The three keys to marketing success – no matter what your product, business today is based on strong productive relationships. Whether it is a strategic partner, client, competitor or vendor relationship – strong relationships can drive business growth.

3. Get “Up-close and Personal.”
 Social Media outlets give the unique opportunity to really get to know your customer or client. Take advantage of this.

4. Experience the “Joy of Referrals.”

 Referrals are the fuel of business today.  A client who is referred to your business is more likely to make purchases and maintain a long-standing productive relationship with your business.  Remember always ASK for referrals from your customers, prospects, colleagues and even competitors!

5. Love Your Competitors
Your competitors may be your greatest resource for learning about success and failure. Track their products and services and routinely leverage that information for decision-making. There is lot to be learned from your competitor’s successes and failures.

6. Publicity is Free. 
Public Relations is an invaluable tool at a community, national and even 
international level. Work hard to get a third party to tell your story in any form 
of media.  Remember, most publicity is free and available to those who ask. 

7.  Perception Is Truth.
 Perception is the way we receive and translate our experiences – how and 
what we think about them.  When we discover how we are perceived, we gain 
invaluable insight into others’ truths. Work hard to transcend the limitations of 
perception and begin to address others’ truths.

8. Overcome the “Fluff Factor.” Don’t underestimate your prospects or customers, they know when it’s “Fluff”
and when it’s Real. Remember you can’t hide behind an inferior product or 
flawed service; instead focus on making your product or service superior and 
eliminate the need for fluff!

 9.  Recognize the Power of Words.
 Can you deliver what you say you can? The words you use to express your 
value proposition will endure. 

 10. Celebrate Your Failures!
 Don’t be afraid to Celebrate Your Failures. Our failures will always have more 
information than our successes.  Never be afraid to re-address why you failed 
and what lessons you learned in the process. What will you do different the 
next time around?

Joseph S. Grano, Jr., has a record of success providing vision and strategic direction to organizations experiencing rapid growth and change. He is one of those rare individuals who have made a successful transition from corporate leader to entrepreneur and owner of his own growing company.