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What AMC’s “The Pitch” didn’t pitch..
So I’m three episodes into AMC’s reality TV show “The Pitch.” I am still thoroughly entertained, which is pretty impressive
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AMC’s New Show “The Pitch”
Blatantly piggy-backing on the growing popularity of Mad Men, AMC recently aired a reality of show based on the behind-the-scenes
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Bully for Him
I recently read about a man named Ed Samane, who started a martial arts franchise business with a twist –
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Coachella 2012
I recently returned from the Coachella Music Festival in Indo, Ca. If you happen to be generationally disconnected or just
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Why Brand Equity Matters . . .
Perhaps, one of the strongest assets any business has is their Brand Equity.  In these challenging times, it is important
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Sarasota Film Festival: It’s Like Sundance with Extra Sun (and lots of stars)
As independent film festivals go, Sundance has earned its top-shelf spot as the leading premium brand. It’s where everyone goes.
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Next-Mark hosts Emmy Award winning director, Michael Brown along with Sarasota young professionals
Last night the Next-Mark team hosted a group of Sarasota young professionals at the Sarasota Film Festival’s  showing of High
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Sarasota Film Festival Opening
The Next-Mark team attended the Sarasota Film Festival Opening on Friday. It was great to see the art direction of
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When words escape..
I’m no Angelina Jolie (on SO many levels), but today I supported my favorite cause and finalized adoption proceedings. For
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