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Discover the Power of Marketing Research
Discover the Power of Marketing Research Ten Things to Consider Marketing research has one primary purpose: to assist in decision-making.
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SFF Kick-Off Event
Here are some shots of Next-Mark employee’s, friends, and other guests enjoying the fantastic Sarasota Film Festival Kick-Off event at
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Creating Brand Trust
Entrepreneur magazine and The Values Institute recently explored the reasons some brands manage to stay on top. Among the leaders,
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Brand Identity and Basketball
With March Madness just getting started I thought that this would be a pretty appropriate topic: Brand Identity and Basketball.
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Bubbles and Bonbons
Last month, I was asked to do an on-line video testimonial for the “champagne and chocolate facial” at a local
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Proud to be a Sarasotan
As premiere sponsors of the Sarasota Film Festival, we at Next-Mark are excited to support what is, at its core,
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Best. Social. Media. Advice. Ever.
An article in the March issue of Entrepreneur magazine, as well as a recent “Dilbert” cartoon, addressed the inadvisability of tippling
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And the Oscar goes to..
I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Tom Sherak, President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences speak
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Don’t Red Light Your Marketing Mix!
I snapped this as I returned to the office earlier this morning. I started thinking about how it relates to
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