Content IS Conversation

Content, by itself, seems like such a vague, non-descript little noun, but when added to your marketing plan, it can pack quite a punch if done right.

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of relevant information that draws an audience and drives customer action. The goal, as noted in a recent article on the Content Marketing Institute site, is to create content that people would want to “sit and discuss with friends.”

This is not new. What is new is that, today, much of that discussion takes place on social media, exponentially expanding your reach. Also a more recent occurrence, an increasing amount of useful and interesting information is found in blogs – relatively short, readable articles with personality that now are a must in content marketing.

Taking his cue from the world’s three most popular blogs, the Institute’s Neil Patel offered three rules for creating posts that proliferate:

Know your audience(s) to address their information needs or desires in a meaningful way.

Find and publish killer content. It’s out there. Know what you want to say and scour the web and other resources for backup, if necessary.

Feed and fuel curiosity. Give your readers a few “aha” moments or some good advice to pass on.

And while this may sound daunting, Patel assures that it is not, concluding:

“It comes down to great content. You don’t need a star staff, a celebrity endorsement or a $7 million round of funding to be successful in the content marketing game.”

“You have all that you need right now.”