Creating Brand Trust

Entrepreneur magazine and The Values Institute recently explored the reasons some brands manage to stay on top. Among the leaders, they found a common denominator: Today’s most trustworthy brands have created relationships with consumers through experiences that trigger a visceral (and positive, of course) response.

They also identified five values that influence trust in a brand: ability (company performance); concern (care for consumers, employees and community); connection (sharing consumers’ values); consistency (dependability of products/services); and sincerity (openness and honesty).

How would your company’s “trust index” fare?

Yeah, yeah, we realize that not every company can be an Amazon or a Coke or a FedEx. That said, however, it can integrate certain of their strategies and tactics at a scale appropriate to its business and target markets.

Need a jumpstart or a tweak to get on the right path? Trust us: We can help.

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