Next-Mark’s 2023 Wrapped – A Year In Review

Next-Mark’s 2023 Wrapped – A Year In Review

Every year has its highs and lows, its wins and losses, and like in marketing and communications, how you see them is all about perspective and how you choose to grow from them is entirely up to you. Though our year had its challenges, we know our resilience and accomplishments are far greater and stronger than the tribulations we faced to earn them. So, we would like to take a moment to look back on 2023 and be proud of what we have achieved this year.

Without further ado, let’s dig into peak Next-Mark moments, shall we?

Hosts with the Most
We made our way around town in 2023 and word on the street is we like to have a good time. Our team organized and hosted some of the biggest events in Sarasota of the year. From the freshest block parties to engaging, intimate gatherings and tailor-made hospitality launches, our events were instant hits.

9 City of Sarasota Events
Fresh Fridays

1 Sarasota Chamber of Commerce Trustees event at our office

Launching 2 Hospitality Clients including 

Boo’s Ice House & Dog Bar BESO

Hosting 2 Salesforce Events in the US and Canada

Toronto, CA Mixer 

Columbus, OH Mixer at Top Golf

Supporting Local Organizations
We were the corporate sponsor for FPRA’s (Florida Public Relations Association) Central West Coast Chapter in 2023. It was a pleasure to champion our coast’s community of PR professionals and help support them as they foster connections and provide education in the public relations and communications fields.

15 Awards to Back It Up

Recognizing our Core Business
Although the Next-Mark team isn’t typically one for boasting, we came out on top quite a few times this year, and if we can’t plug ourselves in our Year in Review, when can we? With thirteen ADDY awards and one Statewide Caribbean Gold Angel Award from the AAF (American Advertising Federation), it’s safe to say we worked our tails off to produce unparalleled work for our clients this year. 


1 Statewide & Caribbean Gold Angel 

Oh, and we can’t forget about the celebrity around the office, our Manager of Client Experience and Development, Travis Cornwell, who received a Rising Star award from FPRA.

1 Rising Star

In the Headlines
This blog may be about us, but we’re really all about our clients’ successes day in and day out. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to catapult their businesses to the front and center of audiences and showcase the incredible work they do.
5 Front Page Cover Stories

Onwards & Upwards
Like with all new endeavors, it takes time to cultivate and establish them. When done right, though, the results are well worth the effort. We are proud to report we increased our Salesforce client base by 40% in 2023.

Our culture is one of “how can we step up”? It’s in our name, after all. We are always looking toward the next step in growth for our team and clients, but you can’t grow without building on what came before. Moving into 2024, we take with us all our experiences from 2023, the good and the challenging, while never losing the values that got us here in the first place: kindness, loyalty, and trust. From the Next-Mark team to you, May the joy of gathering with friends and family, cozying up with festive traditions, and the spirit of giving fill your heart with warmth this holiday season. Warmly wishing you and your loved one’s good tidings. Till next year!

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