Today, I had an opportunity to speak before the Central West Coast Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association, which, I admit, initially came as a shock.

To be honest, I’m always a little baffled when writers such as myself are asked to speak. I mean, there’s a reason we’ve chosen to spend our working lives sitting in little rooms making up quotes for other people or scuttling in the shadows, sneaking them words to say. Or, as I have been known to do, taping talking points to my chest so a Congressman could read them over my shoulder to the press.

The point is that people like me are quite content with being the man or woman behind the curtain, leaving the visual and vocal wizardry to others.

(And, seriously, if we had any presence, we’d be in broadcasting.)

All that said, I was truly honored to be with them today and have the opportunity to share a little of what I’ve learned during a lifetime in Oz, talk about something I hold most dear:  good writing – and even get a few pet peeves off my chest.

My presentation was dedicated to the writers out there, those people who care about words and the power of words and having power over words. The people who love finding the right words at the right time to say to the right people for the desired result.

I came bearing good tidings of great joy, as I truly believe that our time has come – again.

As a writer who has been writing for a loooooong time, I admit to some recent moments of despair – starting with the initial tsunami of digital communication when immediacy trumped message, and it was apparently critical to know every thought that passed through Ashton Kutcher’s head.

And when I found out that the Aflac duck, who can barely talk, much less write, has way more Facebook friends than I do.

But something more recently has given me hope for the future of writing.

And that something is the current emphasis on content marketing, which is being touted as THE road to developing brand trust, leadership and loyalty.

Is content management the answer to today’s marketing challenges or – more importantly – my prayers?

We’ll talk more later.



Bonnie has two loves: some guy named Dennis and writing. Bonnie is focused on client communications initiatives, including strategic messaging, brand development and communications planning for our clients. She has more than 30 years of experience developing creative content that resonates with readers.