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In a recent speech, I urged caution – or at least contemplation – before launching something as demanding as a blog.

I’m a fine one to talk.

Not too long ago, in this very space, I offered some advice and discussed my personal blog ( Intended as a humorous take on my adventures in on-line genealogy, it was a subject that, given the breadth of a family tree – promised a veritable tsunami of material.

One of my warnings to would be-bloggers at that time was not to start such an endeavor without a stock of “evergreen” items that can go in any time, creating a backlog to take the pressure off.

Now I would add, don’t get cocky and start posting every day.

Like I did.

In said speech I also added another proviso:  Never unnecessarily limit your topic.

Like I did.

I mean, at first it was great fun, with a steady flow of ancestral mishaps from having a panther fall on one’s head to avoiding an Indian attack by hanging on to the tail of a stampeding cow. I also got to report items such as, “I’m related to President Obama,” something I never thought I’d ever say. (Seriously, it’s right up there with “I lost 10 pounds on a healthy diet” and “Nothing for me, thanks.”)

Then – nuthin. At least nothing useable. Suddenly, every single person on every twig of my family tree either lived an unexamined life or did things so despicable I wanted to wash my soul.

So there it was:  The dreaded proverbial white space unfilled and unflinching – something I’d never let happen to a client, but managed to inflict upon myself.

Since it’s always far better to learn from someone else’s mistakes, I now offer Blogging Advice Revisited: When starting a blog, have some copy or copy ideas on hand. Post regularly but not too often. Stick to your topic when you can, but establish the right to post ancillary items of interest.

Hopefully, that’s my last word on the subject


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