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Looks Aren’t Everything (Conversions Are)
Looks aren’t everything: Why your website must look great AND be a conversion machine You can drive thousands, even millions,
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Getting Personal: 15 Lessons Learned in 15 Years
It seems not so long ago that I was at home launching a business while my kids played in another
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12-Step Program for Quitting a Bad Direction Habit
One day, long ago, I was raking leaves next to a busy road in Maine. Yes, there are such things.
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Eight Insights into Successful Digital Marketing in 2020
Roughly 90 percent of U.S. businesses reportedly use social media as a marketing tool. That number is a testament to
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Building and Nurturing High Performance Teams
I recently spoke to the Florida Public Relations Association on “Building and Nurturing High Performance Teams.” In preparation, I polled
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Who Are You? The Importance of Strategic Messaging
We once engaged with a new client whose leaders were among the most enthusiastic and involved professionals we’d ever seen.
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Amplifying Thought Leadership Through Content Curation
This past week I spoke at the Digital Summit Charlotte on “Amplifying Thought Leadership through Content Creation.” I want to share the
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Discover the Power of Marketing Research: An Essential Tool for Business Insight
Marketing research has one primary purpose: to fortify decision-making. Marketing Research should always fit within a larger scheme of strategic
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Using Instagram for Business: 5 Quick Ideas
As a marketer or business owner, you may want ways to utilize Instagram to help build brand awareness and even
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