Marketing Continuity: There is NEVER a right time to pause your marketing activities

Marketing Continuity: There is NEVER a right time to pause your marketing activities

It is not uncommon for me to hear, “Let’s pause our marketing communications for now.” This kind of interruption can be a serious mistake for your business and your brand.

An enduring marketing communications strategy is built on consistency along with solid best practices, which includes a steady flow of activities within your marketing ecosystem.

Imagine you’re a customer, and the brand you love isn’t consistent with its messaging. They speak and act differently from day to day and don’t communicate often. You’ll eventually completely tune out. That’s why marketing continuity is so important. Because without it, your biggest fans won’t know what you stand for, won’t hear what you’re saying, and ultimately will stop listening.

It starts with consistency. Although it isn’t the sole focus, marketing continuity is all about maintaining a consistent flow of content driving engagement, and disseminating communications across all your marketing platforms, whatever channel the activity is on. It’s vital to succeed with your marketing strategy.

By being consistent across your platforms, you’re showing your customers that your marketing identity is unified and cohesive. The more prospects can identify with your marketing message, the higher the probability they will engage and invest in your value proposition.

Making sure you’re speaking with continuity and consistency is crucial because your marketing identity is everything to your business. Continuity matters because it lets people know what you offer. It leaves a lasting impression on potential and existing customers alike.

Finally, marketing continuity is important because it helps set you apart from competitors. Wherever your brand is, competitors are also likely to be. A consistent message across all your channels means that people will know who you are and what you do and will be able to pick you out from the crowd.

That’s why putting real effort into establishing and maintaining your marketing communications activities and its continuity is so important for your business’s success. It will benefit you now, but more importantly, it will have a lasting impact and benefit you well into the future.

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