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As we complete our 17th year in business and reflect on the year that was for Next-Mark, I keep coming

Ever Considered Podcasting as Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy? by Travis Cornwell Have you thought tirelessly about how to

Each year dawns with hopes of new opportunities and victory over existing business challenges. In this spirit, we look ahead

The best marketers always look to the future. Since consumers’ preferences constantly evolve, marketing professionals have to anticipate what’s next.

Over the next few months, we will focus on insights from our team members. We kick off this series with

The Value of Event Marketing Today’s marketing ecosystem is focused on any number of metrics, analytics and other quantifiable measures

In high school, I had this history teacher that had a story for every lesson he taught. It didn’t matter

Today, there are many techniques for getting visitors to your website. Unfortunately, it takes more than a long-tail keyword to

Messaging Is Core to Your Marketing Success Just as it’s possible to hear without listening, it’s also possible to talk