Developing Video Content to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The Value of Video Content

Most businesses today implement video to market their brand and raise their online presence. With the global average for time spent watching videos a day being 84 minutes, there is no arguing that the use of video is an effective way to grab an audience’s attention and foster engagement. And in today’s social media landscape, content with video receives 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.

Where to Implement Video Content

Smartphones changed the game. People can watch video anytime, anywhere, but with so much entertainment and information at everyone’s fingertips, content must capture viewers’ attention and with social media, it must do it quickly.

There are a number of avenues at your disposal to apply video. Here’s an overview of where you can take advantage of video content in digital marketing and expand your online presence.

Social Media 

If a social channel wasn’t originally geared toward video, it is now. TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Facebook are all driven by video content, and tweets that contain video on Twitter get 10x more engagement than without.

These videos work best in short form and are meant to attract audiences. For example, Instagram reels and stories can be up to 90 seconds long, and TikTok allows up to ten minutes, so it’s best to keep them brief. Brand films that showcase your values and mission, product demos, explainers and how-to videos, and product or event announcements are ways to draw viewers in and show off your brand’s personality.

Live Video and Webinars

Social media does allow for longer videos, mostly in the form of live streaming. Live video can be used to stream an event, product launches, seminars, expert interviews, Q&As, and much more. It makes your business more accessible, convenient and encourages viewers to comment and ask questions.

In the same vein, webinars provide live interaction with your audience. People seek out videos to teach them new skills and information, so why not use webinars to produce educational content that will develop consumer trust in your brand? Consider hosting one to reach a larger audience, generate and nurture quality leads, and position your business as an expert in your field.

Pro Tip: Recording live streams is an easy way to repurpose them later for other content, reutilizing clips from the video on social media and your website. 

Websites, Blogs, Emails

The investment and effort to create video content can be great but it’s also time and money well spent. Video content can be repurposed and distributed in so many ways, such as on your website and blog. Adding video to these helps increase SEO rankings by keeping your audience more engaged and on a webpage longer, and adding video to an email increases clicks by 300%

Developing a Video Marketing Strategy

“Video makes people pause what they’re doing to watch. Once you have their attention, the question is what will you show them that they’ll engage with and invest in?”

Joseph Grano, Next-Mark’s President and Founder

Create quality videos that are engaging for your target audience

Take advantage of the tools each platform has for video creation and application. When developing a video marketing strategy, understand first and foremost who your target audience is and then choose the right platforms to reach them. From there, get creative but know your audience well; you will be speaking to them on a personal level. Picking the best type of video for each platform and promotion is instrumental to a successful video strategy, as well.  

Although creating video content has become easier than ever with cameras on our phones that can film in 4k, at the end of the day, creating quality videos that drive positive results requires a little bit more than a smartphone.

At Next-Mark, our team is expertly equipped to develop a impactful video marketing strategy and is capable of producing high-quality videos for any platform that will kickstart and sustain engagement.

If you feel our capabilities could help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Get in touch at 941.544.2765 or email us.