Launching Salesforce and Upping Your Business’s Capabilities

Client Relationship Management (CRM) software is ever-evolving and improving. With so much technology at your disposal and fingertips, where do you begin and how do you put it all into a cohesive strategy?

Why Use Salesforce

The options today for a CRM platform are numerous, but Salesforce continues to revolutionize and be the industry standard. With a multitude of tools, Salesforce can aid in all aspects of your business.

Whether your business lacks a systematic process or could improve upon its current processes, CRM brings greater insight and better organization to operations. It does this by keeping track of client interactions and sales data in ways such as managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and cases, as well as packs powerful means to aid in marketing and sales. 

The Benefits of Salesforce Implementations

Salesforce can streamline your project management, automate processes, and provide you with more data for better analytics.

How does CRM software make your business more efficient? 

Communication with clients and handoffs between departments become elevated with Salesforce. CRM creates a 360-degree view of leads, giving companies the ability to measure where a lead came from and prioritize it based on its most current information. Similarly, on the client communication side of things, sending contact forms and contract renewals via automation are just a couple of examples of routine processes that can collect data more efficiently. This type of project management saves your team time, so they can focus on areas that will bring more value to products and/or services.

What does automation do for optimizing operations? 

No matter how adept or organized the worker is, human error happens occasionally. Client data is often loaded with contact information, project notes and documents, and deliverables with deadlines. With Salesforce’s capabilities, errors that can occur with these procedures and data-capturing systems can be reduced by automation and free up your personnel to take on more clients without a decrease in quality.

Additionally, time management and scheduling become easier with Salesforce integrations. From assembling a list of current leads for a weekly meeting or sending out a renewal document when a contract is ending, CRM can automate it.

What can access to more data do for your business? 

As these technologies gather an impressive amount of data, companies are allowed to conduct detailed examinations of what is working or not working for their business. It can show in a quantifiable way which aspects of a marketing or sales strategy are valuable. To expand on this, companies can evaluate the ROI on a specific campaign, which contributes to the overall strategy of future campaigns.

Bringing It All Together

“CRM, along with every other facet of marketing, is one of many cogs in a wheel that, ultimately, have to work seamlessly together to produce a great product.”

Joseph Grano, Next-Mark’s President and Founder

Although the data collected from CRM and the analytics it provides is no doubt valuable, it’s important to recognize that this information and these numbers are just that without a savvy team to analyze and implement strategies based on them.

The integrations Salesforce possesses can be overwhelming and complex, so it may be in a company’s best interest to enlist an expert to maximize the benefits of implementation.

Helping Navigate and Implement Salesforce to the Fullest

At Next-Mark, we are a certified Salesforce Partner, which makes us especially skilled in finding the best ways of integrating the software into your business. CRM technology can do wonders for increasing your bottom line if you know what you are looking for and how to properly develop effective strategies from it. 

If you feel our capabilities could help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Get in touch at 941.544.2765 or email us.